SDF-001 Hydrogen Spa & Ionic Detox 2022-09-25

Hydrogen Water Health&Beauty

Molecular hydrogen water beauty, no additives, green, healthy and environmentally friendly, no side effects

Hydrogen quickly penetrates the skin surface of the human body and penetrates to all parts of the body, and can reach the inside of the heart within 15 minutes

Quickly penetrate the skin cells and tissues to achieve anti-oxidation, wrinkle removal, skin elasticity and skin softness and lubricity

Effectively improve fatigue, skin diseases, and have a significant effect on rheumatism, joint pain and other diseases

Principle of Ion Mode

Ion footbath detox is a high-tech water detox system that helps to eliminate toxins and stimulate the immune and lymphatic system, and enhance the body’s natural detoxification ability, restore balance to the body, thereby strengthening the immune system and helping to clean the body. And improved overall health.

Ion detoxification foot therapy, due to the different ratio of positive ions and negative ions in the human body, this function is divided into three modes: male, female and children. 

A closed loop is formed by ion generators, wrist bands, instruments, and the human body: water can be decomposed → water rich in negative potential and negative ions are formed, which activates the operation of sodium and potassium pumps, and then opens the water ion channels in the cell membrane to allow the cells to proceed. The material exchange from the inside to the outside metabolizes cell waste, and then supplements the nutrients ingested to increase cell viability and prolong cell life.

EMS massage patch

it can be used to treat weak or atrophied muscles resulting from an injury or from long periods of immobility. This works by stimulating muscles, which causes them to contract and relax, much like normal physical activity. It is also suitable for muscle weakness, fatigue, body aches and pains after a day of fatigue. Get more energy.


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