CO2RE by Candela Carbon dioxide (C02) fractional laser resurfacing removes layers of skin tissue in fractions. Mar 10,2023.
CO2RE by Candela Carbon dioxide (C02) fractional laser resurfacing removes layers of skin tissue in fractions.
The fractional approach (removing pillars of skin, leaving the skin around each pillar intact to aid in healing) helps reduce "age spots" (also known as sun spots, liver spots, and freckles), fine lines, wrinkles, scarring, uneven skin tone , sagging skin, irregular texture, dull complexion, and thinning of the collagen layer on the face, neck, and chest.

CO2RE is the best treatment if you want maximum results from one treatment. If you can afford to take some time (7-14 days) to heal, then doing this treatment is like having multiple other non-invasive treatments at the same time. It is also the best monotherapy for advanced skin damage and wrinkles.

CO2RE is an in-office procedure that requires pre- and post-treatment medications to ensure proper recovery and comfort during the procedure. Discomfort varies with depth of treatment. For your comfort during treatment, we may administer a local anesthetic or inject a local and/or tumescent anesthetic and prescribe sedative medication to reduce discomfort. After treatment, most patients describe postoperative sensation as severe sunburn lasting about 12 hours to 2 days. Also follow the directions for all other prescription pain medications you need after treatment. We also recommend pain relievers or relaxation medicines before your treatment, so you will need someone to drive you home after your treatment.

One laser treatment with CO2RE is usually recommended. Sometimes, in areas that cannot be aggressively treated, we may need to perform more than one treatment to optimize results. Maintenance treatment may also be necessary to maintain results, especially if not avoiding sun exposure or using proper skin care. Sometimes, even with the best care, another treatment may be needed after a few years (in the area around the eyes, it may only be 1-2 years).
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