Hydrogen Health Phenomenon丨I feel tired even if I rest or work, try using a hydrogen inhaler to improve it! 2022-09-02
Hydrogen Health Phenomenon丨I feel tired even if I rest or work, try using a hydrogen inhaler to improve it!

The content comes from the lecture report on "The Role and Future Prospects of Hydrogen Absorption" by Professor Yata Kohiro from Japan.

The second published clinical trials of hydrogen absorption are as follows:

1: For 17 healthy women in their 20s and 30s living in Tokyo or its suburbs (for young people)

2: For 20 healthy men and women in their 60s and 70s living in Tokyo or its suburbs (for the elderly)

3: For Kashima Antlers FC youth team (U18) players (for athletes)

That is, "for young people", "for the elderly", "for athletes", the clinical trials conducted in these three categories are different.

The content for young people is mainly about fatigue, brain stress, sympathetic and parasympathetic functions, etc., and observe what effect it has on the body.

Content for older adults is primarily concerned with cognitive function, and is a matter of brain fatigue, activity, and physical function. See what happens in the flicker test and blood work before and after hydrogen inhalation.

Athlete-oriented content is changes in physical function and motor visual acuity.
These experiments are independent and interconnected, gradually eliminating the doubts that exist in the clinical trial data.

The frequency of hydrogen inhalation is 5 minutes per inhalation. The amount of hydrogen ingested into the body is prescribed to be about 40cc, and the collected data was published using comprehensive physiological technology. In addition, an application was submitted and approved by a third-party institutional ethics review committee, and the subjects were informed of the content in advance and signed an informed consent form. It can be said that the experimental results are quite reliable.

Lessons Learned from Young People's Hydrogen Experiments

From the hydrogen inhalation experiment for young people, I learned that fatigue, stress, and boredom are reduced.

Although it is easier to obtain information about each person's experience after use in the form of a questionnaire, what actually happens to the body through hydrogen inhalation?

[Sedation] Sympathetic nerves are inhibited and parasympathetic nerves are enhanced

Sympathetic and parasympathetic-related experiments are said to be conducted by shining light into the pupil and then deriving conclusions from the results of reflex behavior. It is said that the miosis rate is different before and after hydrogen inhalation, and the miosis rate increases in a relaxed state.

The miotic rate was 22% before hydrogen inhalation, and rose to 28% after hydrogen inhalation. That alone shows that the parasympathetic nerves have the upper hand. But it is not known whether the sympathetic nerves are inhibited.

The results of the study showed that the peripheral skin temperature after hydrogen inhalation increased by an average of 3.4°C, and the person with the largest increase actually increased by 7°C. That is, it is likely that sympathetic activity is suppressed and parasympathetic activity is enhanced.

Some people say that their hands feel warmer after absorbing hydrogen, which is understandable from the above reasons.

Forehead temperature contrary to expectations! Abnormal activity in the frontal central part of the frontal lobe

The temperature of the forehead does not drop even if you feel the pressure, which is to protect the brain. By examining the state of the brain after hydrogen inhalation, it is possible to know what is going on.

In the experimental report using near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS), blood circulation was accelerated in the center of the front of the forehead. From this result, hydrogen may play a role in brain functions such as cognition and emotion.

Not only near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS), but also in the magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) experiments can observe the brain's active response. In other words, the effect that the body is calm but the brain is active is obtained by inhaling hydrogen.

This can also be said to have the same effect as the meditative state. Professor Yada also said that absorbing hydrogen has the same effect as smelling a scent that activates the brain.

Lessons learned from clinical trials in older adults

In a hydrogen inhalation experiment for young people, it has been proved that it has a relaxing effect and an effect of activating the brain. Is it just in the effects of hydrogen on the brain that fatigue is eliminated? Has the brain's cognition and brain activity been improved? And has the executive function of the brain also improved? Also, does the physical opportunity improve? A series of questions arose.

Therefore, through the clinical experiment for the elderly, the report of the experimental results such as pupil light measurement, skin temperature measurement, and brain pressure detection was obtained.

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