SDF-002 2022-08-26

✅Many Benefits - Balance blood sugar and stress, arthritis pain, rheumatoid arthritis. improve your memory and sleep, water reaction without any side effects and toxic substances, give your whole body cleanse

✅Easy To Use - One key operation, Press Switch button and then 6 indicator lights on the controlling panel will start flickering to start do detox foot spa

✅Portable Ion Cleanse Foot Spa - A mini ion detoxifier, just 4.33"x 2.36", portable and space saving, ideal for personal foot bath when travel or at home only need a proper container

✅Safe and Convenient - Foot bath system reacts with pure water without side effect. Input: AC 110V , Output: DC 12 V, safe and effective.All the accessories are in the package, only need to be connected to use, the design is simple, portable ion purification foot SPA

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